Chapter 9, Preventing Injuries

Child in car seatDid you know that the number one killer of children is unintentional injury? Most of these deaths and injuries were not “accidents.” The word “accident” means a random event beyond anyone’s control and due entirely to chance. Rather, they are usually events or incidents that can be prevented. You can prevent most injuries that occur with children by:

  • Checking the home, child care center and play settings for hazards and risks (unsafe areas).
  • Watching and supervising children carefully.
  • Understanding some prevention needs change as the child grows and develops new skills while other injury prevention needs are common at each stage of development.
  • Using child safety seats, seat belts and bicycle helmets consistently and appropriately.
  • Talking to children about safety and demonstrating safety behaviors (e.g., wearing your own safety belt, bike helmet, etc.).
  • Reading the labels that accompany a product and checking to see if age appropriate.
  • Showing and teaching children the proper and safe use of products.
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