Month 5: Weeks 17-20

Doctor visits

During the second trimester, your doctor will be doing several procedures to evaluate your health, determine your baby’s position in the womb and identify any potential complications.

Doctor performing ultrasound on patient


Woman holding ultrasound photo over tummyA gel is applied to your tummy and a computer mouse-like tool is rolled over the gel, producing photos of your baby. An ultrasound will show your doctor a two-dimensional view of the baby’s shape and position in the womb. Seeing your baby for the first time is very exciting and often emotional. You will be able to take a copy of the ultrasound picture with you when you leave. This is the first glimpse fathers and family members will get, and it makes a perfect first entry in your baby book.

Your baby

Month 5 baby progress illustrationYou should begin feeling your baby move by the end of the fifth month. Those first feelings of movement are similar to “butterflies” in your stomach. As your baby grows, the movements will be stronger, even causing your abdomen to “jump” or “kick” as your baby becomes more active. Your baby has developed a regular pattern of sleeping and moving, and might even suck his thumb. He now weighs about one-half pound and is about 6 inches long.

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