A Word to Dads...

Dad with babyFatherhood is a wonderful adventure that begins the moment you bring your little one home. But it also can be a demanding job and difficult adjustment. Many new fathers express concerns about their relationship with their wife or partner, worry about changes in their routines and fears that they won’t be able to pay for everything a newborn needs. Whether you live with the mother or not, you may also find that it is a struggle to cope with the hours of newborn crying.

For more information on how to cope with crying, see the “Crying Plan” section here.

It is essential that you learn to cope with the crying because the role of the father is extremely important in the care of your newborn. Being involved from the start helps you contribute positively to the growth and development of your baby. Once you adapt to the role of caregiver, you will find the time you spend with your child is quite special. Men should be proud to be good and involved fathers.

Still, some fathers are not ready for the responsibility and may decide to wait until their baby is older before they get involved. You should understand that your wife or partner and your baby need you. After delivery, mothers need time to recover, and they may be just as inexperienced at caring for a child as the fathers. Sharing in this new responsibility will bring you closer together as parents and will help build a bond between you and your child that will last a lifetime. 



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