Insurance for You and Your Baby



Many women in Arkansas and Tennessee, along with their babies, qualify for medical coverage under Medicaid (an insurance program funded by state and federal governments).

Medicaid covers the cost of:

  • All checkups during pregnancy and immediately afterward.
  • Baby’s delivery at the hospital. 
  • All the checkups your baby will need during his first year.

If you are an Arkansas resident already covered by Medicaid, you may need a primary care physician (PCP). To get a list of PCPs, or for more information about Medicaid, call the ConnectCare hotline at 1-800-275-1131 or go to

Four different babies in a row.

ARKids First (for Arkansas residents)

ARKids First is Arkansas’s Medicaid program providing health insurance to uninsured children. The program offers two coverage options. ARKids A offers children in low-income Arkansas families a comprehensive package of benefits. ARKids B provides coverage for children in families with slightly higher incomes. You can apply for ARKids A or B through the mail or online without having to visit a Department of Human Services (DHS) office. For more information or to get an application, call 1-888-474-8275 or go to or

TennCare (for Tennessee residents)

TennCare is Tennessee’s Medicaid-managed care health insurance program. Many low-income pregnant women in Tennessee, and their babies, may qualify for TennCare. Children under age 21 may also qualify. Under TennCare, members enroll with a managed care organization (MCO). Once you are enrolled, your MCO will help you find a prenatal care provider. If you think you may qualify, contact your local health department as soon as possible for information and an application. In Shelby County, call 901-545-8722 for assistance or go to

Health Insurance Marketplace

Many people may qualify for affordable health care through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Financial assistance may even be available to help cover the cost. To find out if you are eligible in Arkansas, visit ( or call 855-283-3483. In Tennessee, visit or call 1-800-318-2596.



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