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National Children's Dental Health Month

Each February, the American Dental Association raises awareness on the importance of children's good dental heatlh.

This year, they ask that you "Join the Super Smile Team" by helping your child develop good dental cleaning habits. By establishing these habits early and visiting a dentist regularly, you encourage long lasting dental health.

To learn more about helping your child brush his teeth, click here.

Introducing B4Babylife

Our partner, the Shelby County Health Department, released a FREE app -B4BabyLife- as part of a campaign aimed at reducing the infant mortality rate.

The app, available for Android and iPhone users, provides information on staying healthy before, during and after pregnancy. It also includes local resources in Shelby County, right at your fingertips!

Read more about the app here.

It's Tax Season Again

Tax season is an important time of year and making sure you get ALL of your tax credits can be stressful. If you pay for child care with a caregiver that fits the qualifications, you may be eligible for a Child Care Tax Credit.

To learn more about this tax credit and find out if you're eligible, click here.

Besides taxes, finding affordable child care of funding assistance for child care can also be stressful. Better Beginnings, an Arkansas quality child care rating system, offers information on help paying for child care.

To learn about the services offered, click here.



Worth the effort. And you’re not alone.

We all know breastfeeding has lots of benefits for both you and your baby, but are the challenges of breastfeeding worth it? Absolutely! So if you’re having a difficult time, the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) has a helpline that can be useful to breastfeeding mothers. Peer counselors, who have experienced and overcome the struggles of breastfeeding, are available by phone to provide support for those who are struggling with breastfeeding. Some peer counselors also offer breastfeeding support groups so you can spend less time trying to feed your baby and more time providing him that nutritious meal that benefits the both of you.
Click here to meet ADH’s breastfeeding peer counselors:
For tips on getting breastfeeding off to a good start visit our online Happy Birthday Baby Book vol. 1.
Dental Dilemma:


Poor dental health affects school work.

Who would have thought having bad oral health could affect a child’s school work? It’s true. When your child has cavities, his tooth ache can distract him from learning. The American Academy of Pediatrics says cavities are the number one chronic disease affecting young children.
For information on children’s oral health visit: 


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