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Our Newest Addition

The Healthy Children Handbook will arm you with the most up-to-date information. It includes everything from social-emotional development, nutrition, physical activity and preventative health measures. It also will help you prevent the spread of common illnesses and learn how to respond in emergencies.

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Read, Print, Order

Our updated, pocket-sized books will guide your family through the journey from pregnancy to age five. These comprehensive books include useful information on everything from nutrition, doctor visits, caring for your new baby, developmental milestones, immunizations, common childhood illnesses and protecting the health and safety of the children of Arkansas and western Tennessee.

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Win A Prize From An Arkansas Blogger

Bloggers across Arkansas are writing about Healthy Families and topics to encourage healthy living. This month Beth Stephens of Siloam Springs writes about the importance of keeping a home safe for infants and small children.

Click here to read her blog and enter to win a home safety kit!

To get more tips on making your home safe, click here.

It's Never Too Early To Read To Your Child.

Studies show that children begin learning at birth. Reading books with fun, colorful pictures encourages brain development even with newborns. You will find that reading books helps build vocabulary and speed language development. As children get older and progress, their interest in books changes. Do not get discouraged. Try new books. Ask them questions. Point out animals, colors and shapes.
To learn more about early learning, read the Happy Birthday Baby Book Two online.

Did you know the Arkansas Department of Human Services has a list of books that you can view online? Some even come with printable color pages. Click here to start reading!

Holiday Food Safety

With the holidays fast approaching, families are gearing up to host loved ones at home. With so much going on, it is important to prepare, handle and store food properly to ensure germs do not spread and grow.

In fact, some bacteria and viruses grow quickly in some foods and can cause food borne illnesses that lead to diarrhea, vomiting, fever and stomach pain. Food that is not properly cooked, cooled or stored also can be a perfect place for germs to grow.

For more ways to ensure you handle, prepare and store food properly, click here.


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