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Healthy Holiday Pearly Whites

While their smiles are dazzling, infants have teeth that need correct dental care. The Arkansas Healthy Children Handbook and the American Academy of Pediatrics offer the following tips to ensure your baby’s teeth are as healthy and shiny as they are:

Birth to 12 months

  • Good dental habits should begin before the first tooth appears. After feedings, gently brush your baby’s gums using water on a baby toothbrush that has soft bristles.
  • Ask about fluoride. After the first tooth appears, ask your child’s doctor if your baby is getting enough fluoride.
  • Schedule your baby’s well-child visits and dental checkups

12 to 24 months

  • Brush! Brush your child’s teeth two times a day using water on a baby toothbrush that has soft bristles. The best times are after breakfast and before bed.
  • Limit juice. Make sure your child doesn’t drink more than one small cup of juice each day and only at mealtimes.
  • Consult with your child’s dentist or doctor about sucking habits. Sucking too strongly on a pacifier, a thumb, or fingers can affect the shape of the mouth and how the top and bottom teeth line up. This is called your child’s “bite.”
  • Schedule a dental checkup. Take your child for a dental checkup if he has not had one.

For more information about good dental health, click here.

National Childhood Injury Prevention Month

Arkansas and Tennessee have some of the highest rates of child and adolescent injury in the entire nation. Arkansas Children’s Hospital has made reducing the rate of childhood injury a high priority. Download the Home Safety Checklist and begin making your home safer as soon as possible. Click here to download other injury prevention checklists provided by Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Back to School Starts Early

Newborns may not be able to read written words, but they are learning to make associations and understand the world around them by reading signals. Newborns learn how to read signals all around them by listening to voices, watching faces and reading body language. Click here to learn how you can help your baby learn in the Happy Birthday Baby Book Two.

Join the conversation

Healthy Families encourages you to receive information about the health, safety and well-being of your children from our Facebook page. Click here to visit the Healthy Families Facebook page, “Like” us, and join the conversation with other Arkansas and west Tennessee healthy families.

First Connections Program

The First Connections Program is a statewide system of services to assist infants and toddlers and their families. Children grow, learn and develop at different rates and in different ways. Just as children are all individuals, families also have different abilities and needs. The First Connections Program works with families on an individualized basis to assist in locating and coordination services and assistance to enhance not only the child’s abilities but those of the family to assist their child.

Your child could be eligible to receive:

  • Developmental therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • And other services

For more information click here or call 1-800-643-8258.


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