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Attention New Dads

Bonding is the intense attachment that develops between a parent and child. Mothers and fathers both bond with their baby. Bonding is a very powerful survival mechanism that motivates parents to protect their vulnerable newborns. Don’t worry if you don’t feel an immediate bond. You may be exhausted and worried about taking care of your newborn. These feelings are normal, especially for first-time parents.

Click here for tips on how to bond with your newborn.

A Word to Expectant Moms...

Congratulations! Having a baby is one of the most exciting yet difficult journeys you will ever take. Healthy Families will help guide you through the ups and downs of pregnancy and new motherhood. We give you tips on taking care of yourself and your baby. Begin by seeing your doctor regularly during pregnancy. 

For more information about prenatal care, click here.

Happy Mother's Day

Taking care of yourself means you’re more likely to have all the energy and enthusiasm it takes to care for your baby. Make sure you schedule an appointment to see your doctor for a “postpartum” checkup. This appointment should be between two and six weeks after your baby is born. If you have questions or problems before then, call your doctor.

For more tips about  how to care for yourself, click here.

Am I Pregnant?

Finding out you are pregnant can be exciting, scary and nerve-wracking. Considering many signs of pregnancy are also symptoms of a menstrual cycle, this time of your life can be confusing too. Healthy Families wants to help you boil it down and calm your nerves.

10 Early Signs of Pregnancy

  1. Fatigue
  2. Food Aversions
  3. Sensitivity to Smells
  4. Nausea and Vomiting
  5. Breast Swelling and Tenderness
  6. Frequent Urination
  7. Physical Changes
  8. Shortness of Breath
  9. Missed Period
  10. Positive At-Home Pregnancy Test

For more information about these symptoms, click here. If you are pregnant, don’t forget to order your FREE Happy Birthday Baby Book To get more of your questions answered, visit

Tax Credit

Tax time can be a stressful time of year, but Better Beginnings can help. If you have paid for child care at an Arkansas licensed/registered two or three star Better Beginnings program and you meet the requirements for claiming the Federal Child Care Credit, you may qualify for a refundable state tax credit! Just ask your provider for the Early Childhood Certification Form, AR 1000 EC.

For more information on the tax credit or to find a two or three star program in your area, visit


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